Frequently Asked Questions.

Get answers to common issues, errors, installation, code compiling and other information about Whatso Application.

Antivirus / Defender Related

How to avoid antivirus or defender smart screen?

If before installation you see the SmartScreen window, click on More Info –> Run AnyWay button to go on:

Order Related

Do you provide a receipt for the payment?

Yes, receipts are provided after payment. You will be able to enter your company details & be able to download the receipt.

What Languages are supported? Does Whatso support Emojis?

Whatso supports all languages supported by Whatsapp including emoji's & smiley's to create impact for your content.

How is this different from creating a Whatsapp group or Broadcast?

If you create a Whatsapp group with customers, there is a high probability that customer's might exit the group as they would not like to participate in marketing groups. Also in Whatsapp groups, all members can seen each other's number. With Broadcast, only people with your number saved in phone can receive the message.

How is this different from SMS marketing?

With SMS marketing, you can only send marketing SMS on numbers that have DND( Do not Disturb) open which is very less. So most of your SMS won't be delivered. Also the limit on SMS is 160 characters. With Whatso you can send unlimited size of transactional message and get far more engagement.

How many messages can I sent per day?

You can send unlimited number of Whatsapp messages from the software. However, we do not suggest you to send more than 2000 messages / day from single account. You can save multiple Whatsapp account in the software and thus increase the number of messages per day easily without getting blocked by Whatsapp.

What does Single PC License mean? Can I use after I format the PC?

Single PC License means that the software will work on the first PC you install. Once installed it cannot be used on any other PC. Since we use Hardware ID called MAC address you will be able to use even after Format.

I have more questions. Where do I contact?

You can reach us by sending an email on We will try our best to reply to you within 24-48 working hours.